Utility Bill Validation Audit


The necessity for utility bill audits has steadily grown in the last several years, as record numbers of incorrect energy usage bills are being produced by energy suppliers. If your organisation has also recently grown, the need to have your energy bills validated is amplified. We fully understand the complex energy structures and billing formulas for each supplier and can easily identify the flaws in their billing systems.

For any errors that are discovered, DEP will arrange for any refunds that are due, sometimes equating to £100,000 for our multi-site clients. Our utility bill validation services are also extremely low risk; if no errors are discovered, then absolutely no charges will be due.

As well as rebates through past billing errors, clients often find significant future savings through improved billing methods. In addition, by collating all the data for a given group or region, our audits may be the first real opportunity for you learn detailed information about each site’s individual energy consumption.

The process is effortless; simply provide a bill for each supply along with copies of the relevant contracts to enable our initial findings to begin. DEP will obtain any further information from the supplier directly in the majority of cases and will then carry out a full audit at our own risk and expense.