Public Sector Procurement


DEP has an established division dedicated to EU compliant procurement solutions in energy and associated services to the public sector. This included the appointment of Jan Ashworth, our Head of OJEU, with a long track record of sector expertise, supported by a team of specialists who have many years OJEU compliant energy procurement & trading experience.

By understanding the challenges and opportunities for the Public Sector, including internal compliance rules, we are able to achieve compliance in procurement legislation whist realising the maximum benefits achievable by applying more than 15 years energy consultancy, brokerage & risk managed trading services.

We demonstrate VFM through transparent reporting, a partnered approach in respect of decision making and how we can deliver best value from a volatile commodity market, whilst within the boundary of pre agreed energy budget costs.

Our approach is inquisitive and supportive–to understand, formulate and deliver on agreed objectives. Below we have highlighted some key benefits to including DEP in your tendering process:

• Compliance with EU/public procurement legislation.
• Support from knowledgeable energy specialists with direct experience of working with the public sector.
• Support in formulating, understanding and agreeing energy purchasing objectives.
• Market advice through access to dedicated energy trader account management.
• Innovative solutions to meet the needs of collective or individual organisations.
• Competitive tendering and an absolutely impartial supplier management process.
• More than 10TWh of energy under management, creating negotiating leverage.
• A 100% retention record in energy risk management since the division’s inception in 2005.