Multi-site Energy Management


DEP utilise a range of techniques in order to reduce your multi-site business’ energy consumption.


Our sister company, Synetica, whose past clients include Mercedes Benz, Morgan Stanley and BAE systems, deal with our multi-site clients’ energy efficiency concerns. Synetica’s Chartered Energy Engineers are experts in the field of energy consumption and energy cost reduction. They will provide you with advice and guidance to seriously reduce your outgoings, track your organisation’s emissions and comply with energy regulations.

No two companies’ energy usage is the same, so the recommendations that are provided are tailor-made for each individual client. Synetica’s analysts will carry out a series of site reports, recording and monitoring their energy use and pinpointing exactly where energy is being used. The energy efficiency report could potentially reduce your company’s energy consumption by up to 30%.

AMR Smart Meters

Automatic meter reading is a technology that is not yet available to every business. However, DEP’s long-established relationships with AMR providers ensures that you are put back in control of your energy costs.

As well as energy profile data that will enable you to identify potential energy cost savings, switching to AMR smart meters will see many advantages including:

Accurate Energy Bills

Scheduling the retrieval of energy meter register reads and delivery of these actual reads in line with agreed read windows will enable you to promptly receive accurate invoices at the end of each billing period. The data can also be inputted and viewed using DEP’s online platform.

Reduced Administration Costs

Invoices will be based on actual readings from energy meters, reducing the time spent querying invoices with energy suppliers.

Improved Budgeting

Energy consumption records will now be based on actual readings, meaning that you can improve forecasting and control of your energy budget. The costs of reconciliations are reduced because no erroneous estimated bills are levied.

Tariff Optimisation

As we can see the energy profile of each site, we are then able to identify whether there are opportunities for other tariff options to reduce costs.

New Electricity Supplies

Whether it is a meter only request or a major project requiring full infrastructure, DEP are able to advise and coordinate the whole process for you from start to finish. It could be a new 100 kVA supply or a 10,000 kVA major supply; either way, we can help.

DEP offers a centralised approach for new sites to contractors, developers and end users, so that you benefit from our experience regardless of how big or small your needs are. Whether the electricity supply you require is low voltage (LV) or high voltage (HV), the process of managing the supplier, meter operator and local supplier is often complex and time consuming, but DEP can handle it with the minimum of fuss.

We offer a hands-on approach from your first enquiry to the electricity meter installation and connection, and we are adept at complying to the tight timescales that come with these projects. For a consistent experience, you will have one point of contact who will deal with your initial enquiry, liaise with all the suppliers and see the project through until the electricity supply is live.