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Fast growing or very large organisations are increasingly being overloaded with electricity & gas billing problems, many finding it an almost impossible task to keep in total control of their estate. With the introduction of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme requiring business owners to accurately report energy usage, there is more need than ever to have utility bills independently monitored and checked. The lack of such measures not only widens the opportunity of an incorrect bill going unnoticed, but also enables poorly performing sites to continue wasting energy.

In recent years, the number of incorrect bills has risen to 4%, which for large clients can equate to a substantial amount of overpayments being made each and every month. Faults are largely due to a combination of the suppliers’ billing systems being inadequate to cope with increased numbers, complex billing methods and the reduced number of billing staff at each supplier.
DEP have the dedicated time and experience to validate your utility invoices and ensure you are being billed correctly. This will enable you to focus on controlling your estate effectively, and on targeting poorly performing sites, reducing your chances of inaccurate billing occurring in the future.

Utility Bill Entry and Validation

DEP will check that any utility bill presented matches the agreed rates and that the usage is within expected levels and set tolerances. Our team of audit experts will ensure your utility invoices are processed and validated as quickly as possible, allowing your company to begin recovering costs as soon as they are discovered. Using our tried and tested supplier connections, we ensure your organisation is quickly reimbursed with any money you are owed from utility bill oversights.

We find that as a high number of bills are incorrect, identifying invoice errors generates significant cost savings and will also reduce the amount of time processing the accounts from receipt through to final payment.

For any half-hourly metered sites, we can also validate your billed usage against your actual half-hourly usage.

Energy Reporting

We offer a wide range of energy management reports tailored to multi-site organisations. Our energy reports make it as easy as possible for you to manage your estate and properly understand your energy usage.

Management accountants:
  • Month end accruals
  • Invoiced versus budget reports
Property, facility and purchasing managers:
  • Usage reports by square foot
  • League tables
  • Site level usage and cost
  • CO2 reports

These are just a few of the energy management reports we offer, but there are a whole host of others that we are able to carry out to accommodate your needs. Using our proven monitoring and targeting reports, we can help you identify poorly performing sites so that you can focus on these first.