Reduce Your Energy Use and Your Costs

DEP offer a variety of services to multi-site businesses–each one designed to drastically reduce energy consumption and costs. We will recommend a bespoke strategy exclusively for your organisation, based on our independent research.

Our range of services include:

Multi-site Energy Procurement

Purchasing energy at the optimum time is critical, especially for a large multi-site business, as buying at the wrong time can lead to overspends running into the thousands. Since future energy prices are likely to be determined by a purchasing strategy put in place now, it is essential to find a strategy that fully takes into account a company’s need for budget certainty and view of risk. DEP can provide a solution to fit your needs.
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Multi-site Energy Management

Our sister company, Synetica, whose past clients include Mercedes Benz, Morgan Stanley and BAE systems, deal with our multi-site clients’ energy efficiency concerns. Synetica’s Chartered Energy Engineers are experts in the field of energy consumption and energy cost reduction. They will provide you with advice and guidance to seriously reduce your outgoings, track your organisation’s emissions and comply with energy regulations.
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Budget Defender

With DEP’s Budget Defender product, multi-site businesses in the UK can secure a fixed price energy procurement deal, but still benefit from a falling market.
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Bureau Services

Fast growing or very large organisations are increasingly being overloaded with electricity & gas billing problems, many finding it an almost impossible task to keep in total control of their estate. With the introduction of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme requiring business owners to accurately report energy usage, there is more need than ever to have utility bills independently monitored and checked.
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Bill Validation Audit

The necessity for utility bill audits has steadily grown in the last several years, as record numbers of incorrect energy usage bills are being produced by energy suppliers. If your organisation has also recently grown, the need to have your energy bills validated is amplified. We fully understand the complex energy structures and billing formulas for each supplier and can easily identify the flaws in their billing systems.
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Online Energy Control

If a company is serious in managing its energy effectively, it is vital to consider every possible way a site could be performing incorrectly or using more energy than it should.
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Public Sector Procurement

For public sector clients, DEP has a division dedicated to EU compliant procurement solutions in energy and associated services.
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Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

Technology driven solutions that ensure compliance to the mandatory ESOS.
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