EU Gas Market

Warm December to Make 2015 Hottest Year on Record

This December’s above average temperature across Europe could make 2015 the hottest recorded year. As a result, Fabio Cedronio, Senior Gas Trader at Repower AG, says that the continent has an excess of stored gas, which will enable us to get through the winter with ease. “A ‘swathe’ of liquefied natural gas that is set to arrive… Read more »

Russia & Ukraine Reach Gas Deal

Gas transit hub Ukraine has agreed a gas supply agreement with Russia, the EU’s largest outside supplier. The announcement has resulted in relief for the rest of Europe, as it means a gas flow disruption has been successfully avoided this coming winter. Inspired Energy Risk Manager Nick Cambell spoke to Bloomberg Business, stating that the agreement “has undoubtedly… Read more »

Nick Campbell on disruptions to Ukraine supplys

Europe’s biggest stockpiles of natural gas since at least 2009 are damping the threat of any potential disruptions in supplies from Ukraine to consumers in the west, reports Bloomberg News today. The mildest weather since 2008 has reduced demand for fuel used for heating and generating electricity which has sent prices to their lowest level… Read more »

Nick Campbell featured in latest Bloomberg Businessweek article

Inspired Energy Risk Manager, Nick Campbell has contributed to an article in Bloomberg Businessweek, discussing how natural gas prices in Europe are poised to drop more than 20 percent in the first quarter as a result of the warmest winter weather.  Due to the mildest weather since 2008, generation at wind parks reached a record 6,222 megawatts on… Read more »