Energy Market Outlook

Inspired Energy’s Nick Campbell Shares His View on the Latest Climate Change Levy Update

Chancellor George Osborne delivered the first wholly conservative budget since 1996 and his plans included scrapping an “outdated” Climate Change Levy exemption on renewable power. There is a lot of debate surrounding his plans but the decision to scrap the climate change tax exemption for renewables, while confirming tax reductions on North Sea gas and… Read more »

Dungeness-B Keeps Energy Prices in Check

The scheduled return of the Dungeness-B nuclear reactor kept power prices suppressed in the face of early gains in their gas counterparts. System tightness caused by reduced gas flows was also partly offset in the wholesale power market thanks to consistent wind output and improved forecasts. Day Ahead was able to trade flat from Friday’s… Read more »

Inspired Energy PLC Quoted in Reuters

Nick Cambell, Risk Manager of Inspired Energy PLC, was quoted in Reuters in response to increased prompt natural gas prices following outages in Norway and cooler weather. “There is some short-term tightness in the system created by Norwegian outages along with slightly cooler weather than last week and continued high exports to the Continent. The… Read more »