Russia & Ukraine Reach Gas Deal

Gas transit hub Ukraine has agreed a gas supply agreement with Russia, the EU’s largest outside supplier. The announcement has resulted in relief for the rest of Europe, as it means a gas flow disruption has been successfully avoided this coming winter. Inspired Energy Risk Manager Nick Cambell spoke to Bloomberg Business, stating that the agreement “has undoubtedly… Read more »


Inspired Energy PLC’s MD Shortlisted for North West Awards

The inspiring Janet Thornton, Managing Director of Inspired Energy PLC, has been put on the 2015 shortlist in the headline category for the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. The high profile event, at the beautiful Mere Golf Resort & Spa in Cheshire, is to be hosted by Lord Sugar’s former right-hand man on BBC’s The… Read more »


Mandatory Half-Hourly Settlement for Profile Classes 5-8

By 1st April 2017, all non-domestic consumers with meter Profile Classes 5-8 will be required to have half-hourly metering. This is due to the, ‘Balancing and Settlement Code Modification P272: Mandatory Half-Hourly Settlement for Profile Classes 5-8’. What is the Balancing and Settlement Code? The Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) was introduced as part of… Read more »

UK Natural Gas Falls to New Lows

The value of oil is currently at its lowest in six years, leading to deflated natural gas prices for the UK. Nearly half of Europe’s gas is sold under long-term contracts linked to crude oil; this combined with the pressure from rising LNG imports to the UK has led to a reduced demand. “Unless we see some geopolitical event… Read more »


Inspired Energy’s Nick Campbell Shares His View on the Latest Climate Change Levy Update

Chancellor George Osborne delivered the first wholly conservative budget since 1996 and his plans included scrapping an “outdated” Climate Change Levy exemption on renewable power. There is a lot of debate surrounding his plans but the decision to scrap the climate change tax exemption for renewables, while confirming tax reductions on North Sea gas and… Read more »