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The UK’s Leading Energy Consultancy

Direct Energy Purchasing are the country’s premier energy consultancy for multi-site businesses. We offer unbiased energy advice to our clients and guide them to the most cost-effective energy procurement decision. Our team of experienced National Account Managers are trained to impartially analyse and assess your energy requirements and present a wide range of options, with benefits tailored to your exacting requirements.

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DEP Manage Over 3.5 TWH of Energy Per Year

DEP’s full-service energy management solutions are designed to reduce both your energy usage and the associated costs. Our leveraged buying power and proven supplier relationships mean that we can negotiate improved corporate energy purchasing benefits on your behalf, and secure your multi-site business with the best energy procurement arrangement.

Our Energy Budgets Are Accurate to Within 5%

Whether you opt for a fixed or flexible price energy procurement deal, our risk management team will ensure you always retain absolute budget certainty. It is the job of DEP to monitor the energy market and examine the available tariffs, making sure you benefit from the most appropriate energy package.

We Can Help You Reduce Energy Usage By 30%

With our sister company, Synetica, we are always there to analyse and reduce your multi-site business’ energy consumption. Not only can you easily track energy usage and carbon emissions by site, but with DEP’s specialist reports and in-depth intelligence, you could seriously reduce your outgoings.

…With The Latest Groundbreaking Technology

Our investment in the latest metering technology means we can help you keep on top of your energy efficiency without the need for extensive site surveys in the future. Innovations like smart meters mean that your monthly utility bills will be more accurate and you will be able to budget based on real, rather than estimated, energy meter readings.

We Save 864 Hours of Administrative Time Per Year

Through DEP’s utility bill validation and energy reporting services, multi-site businesses can finally trust that their bills match the agreed rates and energy usage is as expected. Not only that, but our historical audits mean that past billing errors can be uncovered and refunded. With less clerical errors, your administrative team can concentrate on the things that matter.

We Supply Energy To Over 4,059 Care Homes

DEP are the largest energy broker for corporate care homes, acting on an exclusive basis for over 80,000 care home beds. Highly regarded as the most trusted energy consultancy in the industry for multi-site businesses, we are proud to procure energy for over half of Britain’s largest care groups.

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